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visa refusals

Visa Refusals

Many people are not aware that the most common reason behind refusal of visas are mainly due to the applicant’s fault. Our expertise will help make this overwhelming process a simple one for you. In addition, we also specialize in complex matters, such as overcoming refusals through the appeal process and assisting applicants.

If you have ever been refused a visa that doesn’t mean you cannot submit another application. Each application is being evaluated based on its own merits. If the case worker missed out any important information in your application or if you can prove that you have strong case it is only a matter of proving your credentials.

Most common reasons for visa ineligibilities are highlighted below;


A single mistake in the application form can lead to a refusal. Always fill in the form correctly and double-check all the information mentioned. Make sure to be consistent when providing information in your statement of purpose.

Applicants are required to submit the bank statements as a proof of their financial viability and also to prove their set aside savings. In most cases these statements reflect huge deposits and the applicants usually fail to provide an explanation to the source of these deposits in their cover letter, hence get refused.

Applicants often select the wrong visa category and follow the wrong guidelines. For instance, some people select UK Fiancé Visa as their category instead of Spouse Visa.

Another reason for visa rejection is that failure to submit supporting documents and non-celebrative evidence. For instance, proof employment is to be proved with bank statements and pay slips instead of letter from the employer and pay slips. Some fail to submit their relationship documents, etc.

If an applicant has had any previous immigration or legal issues there are times that they decide not to disclose them, such as immigration bans or criminal convictions, especially if a long time has passed. This can lead the authorities to believe that applicant attempts to mislead or misrepresent themselves Intentionally (deception).

Financial requirements may vary due to various reasons; it is applicant responsibility to have right accurate information funds.

If the documents are not in the proper format as required by the authorities your visa can be rejected. Some overseas missions require the document translation to be done only from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documents should not be laminated, torn etc.

It is really important that you provide all required documents with your application. Different visa categories require several supporting documents, so it is important to make sure your application reach the case worker with accurate information according the guide lines given. if you are not in a position to submit any required document you should have a strong reason for it and there must be alternative evidence submitted.

If you are trying to submit an application for a spouse visa or dependent visa, the most common reason for denial in this situation is not providing substantial evidence. It is imperative to prove that your relationship was consummated and genuine.

If you think that just reading from a website of the authorities or by asking friends and relatives, it is easy for you to fill in an application form correctly, provide documents which are required in the required format and order, then you may be wrong. it does not mealy a clerical work, it is important to refer to an expert as they are well aware the nitty-gritty of everything when it comes to submitting an application for the type of visa you require.

Visa Refusals

The vast majority of visa applications requires the applicants to be interviewed by a consular officer and after reviewing the information provided, the application is approved or denied based on the standards and requirements established.

Majority of people are unaware that the most common reason behind refusal of visas are mainly due to the applicant’s fault. Several of the most common reasons for visa ineligibilities are highlighted below;

  • Transparency of the information provided by the applicant.
  • Inability to proof of return in the case of visit / tourist visa.
  • It is crucial to understand that the applicant’s eligibility to request for a visa is solely based only on the merits of the application and the history of travel is not a pre-requisite at any point.
Our experts will help make this overwhelming process as simple as possible for you. In addition, we also specialize in complex matters such as overcoming refusals through the appeals process and assisting applicants.
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